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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Pet - Smigs

My pet has spiky black ears and has a black and white face.My pet has sharp clows and she has a black body with a fluffy tail.Smigs like to eat chips and she likes to chace us.She likes to eat our clothes.She liks to chase my cat and bark at us.I dont like Smigs chasing us and barking and going away i dont like Smigs eating our clothes and dont get us.I dont like cleaning the poo and wee.I dont like smigs geting dirty I dont like climbing and wack us.

from T.T

Monday, June 21, 2010

Billions of bacteria

The final group's performance. Have a look at their performance and feel free to write a comment. Suggestions for improvement are welcome- please word this politely.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Words that end in CK

Have a look at this fun video on words that end in ck. The Pod Four students were looking at words that end in ck and ke.

Reader's Theatre The Little Old Lady who was not Afraid of Anything

Group Two: The Little Old Lady who was not Afraid of Anything. This is the group's first attempt at Reader's Theatre. They will be reflecting on their performance and adding comments on what they could work on next time.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vampire Girl

her hair is as straight as a door
her eyes are as sparkling like a diamond
her nose is like hard concrete
her feet iare as clean like your clothes
her skirt is as blue as a fish
her face is as pretty as a flower

by M.S

Fat Boy

Abs like jelly beans
toe nails like shark teeth
eyes as big like elephants legs stomping
arms as wobbly as a snake
shorts like wobbly fat frogs
hair as sharp as knives
wings as fast as a lightning bolt
neck as skinny as a pencil

by L.L


His hair is as curly as spaghetti.
His four eyes are like camoras watching you as u walk past.
His vampire teeth aer as pointy as an elephants tusk.
His clothes are as tight as vines rapped around poles.
His claw like hands are as big as a mountain.
His fingers on them other hand aer like twigs from a tree.
The third arm is a tow headed monster.
His legs are as hairy as a thorn bush.
His toes are as big as rocks tumbling down a hill.
His feet are as long as an alephants trunk.

By J.A.I

Monday, June 14, 2010

Reader's Theatre - Sheila Rae the Brave

This is our first attempt at Reader's Theatre. We have been working on expression, fluency and voice projection. How do you think we went? We had to cut the video as it was too long to upload.

Rock Strom

His hair was spiky like a prickle
His ears are pointy like ice cream comes
His arms are like a strong gorilla
his feet are big like an elephant
his legs are big like a rhino

By P.G


He has claws like a lion
His ears can hear like a tiger
His arms are fluffy like a mouse
He is blue like a saphire
He can see through things like a robot
He is as strong as an elephcnt

by D.K


She has teeth like a tiger
She is as fast as a cheetah
Her hair is as black as a bat
She can climb trees like a monkey
She can tell the future like a mad scientist
She can see like an owl
She can fly like an eagle
She can track down predators like a puppy
Her clothes are as silky as a night gown
Her eyes are as big as a king fish



His face is shaped is like a book
His body height is as short as a dwarf
His brain is as smart as a super-computer
His ears are as long as a rabbit's
His eyes are circular as a donut
His teeth are as scary as a monster
His neck is as thin as a pencil
His arms are as thin and bendy like strings
His fan is as loud as a jet plane
His legs are stumpy like pigs'

by K.Z

What is in the Box?

is it...

a black wasp flying
a hard snail slithering
a yellow bee gliding
a busy fly sucking
a slow turtle crawling
a green weta grabbing

We don't know.
Let's look!


what is in the box?

Is it...
a big worm wiggling
a buzy bees buzzing
a beautiful butterfly flying
a fuzzy fly flapping
a hungry caterpillar climbing
a slithering snake slinking

We don't know
Let's look!


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jet Planes - by the Sea Anenome Reading group

Our reading group have written some facts we found out about Jet Planes

what is in the box

is it...

a black fly eating
a hairy weta hanging
a brown snail sliding
a yellow bee flying
a green turtle swimming
a hungry cricket jumping

We don't know
Let's look!


What is in the Box?

Is it...

a black cockroach surrying
a brown weta crawling
a white egg bouncing
a green grasshopper jumping
a brownish scorpion walking
a metal car driving

We don't know.
let's look!

By S.S

What is in the box

Is it...

a small cockroach running
a black wasp flying
a hungry weta climbing
a big grasshopper jumping
a yellow bee stinging
a baby cricket eating

We don't know
Let's look!

By Z.P

What is in the Box?

Is it...

a hidden weta holding
a little wasp stinging
a green grasshopper jumping
a slow snail sliding
a black and orange bee flying
a hairy fly eating
We don't know
Let's look!

By G.E

What is in the Box?

Is it
a tiny fly flying

a hungry bee smelling

a scared weta grabbing

a lazy spider hiding

a slimy snail sleeping

an enormous crocodile creeping

We don't know?
Let's look!

by T.T

Thursday, June 10, 2010


His teeth are as deadly as sword blades,
His horns are as sharp as blades,
His legs as strong as iron,
His claws as big as a shark's fin,
He is a little monster deadly like a python,
His tattoos are as bright as the sun,
His claws are as long as a table,
His body is as big as a shelf,
His body is as strong as a elephant,

by G.L

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Planets in our Solar System

After reading about our Solar System, the Crabs reading group have written some facts about one of the planets.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system. It takes about 12 years for Jupiter to orbit. Jupiter has faint dark rings made out of rock fragments. The rings were found by NASAS space camera.



Mars is the 4th planet from the Sun.

There is no water or liquid no Mars.

On Mars it is very cold and it is red.

The ground of Mars is very dry.


Sunday, March 14, 2010


.Neptune is one of the solar system's gas giants.

.Neptune is a stormy planet with fierce winds.

.Neptune is the 8th planet from the sun.

.Neptune's the smallest gas giant in the solar system.

.Neptune is the most distant planet.

.Neptune is the coldest planet in the solar system.

.Neptune has only been visited once up close.



Venus is...

The brightest of all the planets
Also known as the morning star and the evening star
About the same size as Earth
Closest planet from Earth
Covered with clouds of carbon dioxide and sulfur compounds.
Venus spins slowly and takes about 225 days to orbit the sun.
Venus is the 2nd planet from the sun.
Venus is named after the Roman goddess of love



Uranus is the 7Th planet from the sun.

Summer on Uranus lasts one long day -42 years

Uranus has rings you can't see.

Uranus has 27 moons.

Uranus was the fist planet discovered in the modern age.

You can see Uranus with the unaided eye.

Uranus has only been visited once.

One day on Uranus is 17 hours


Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Saturn has 52 moons and is known for its beautiful rings. Saturn's rings are made out of ice and rock. Saturn is the second largest planet in the solar system. Saturn's wind are four times stronger than the worst winds on Earth.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who am I?

Hello my name is R.O'H. I have freckles on my nose. My hair is very thick it is brown with a little bit of blond in the front. I'm pretty small. I have hazel eyes with a meduim sized nose. I like sports' like soccer and rugby. I have flappy ears with short hair. I have little lips. After school I like to jump on the trampoline.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Who am I?

My name is K.Z. I have black curly hair and brown eyes. I like fishing, soccer, swimming, king fish and jet boats. I am in Year 6. I was born in Chile and I speak Spanish and English.

Who am I?

Hi my name is J.C and I'm from China. My favourite foods are bananas, milky bars, chocalate bars and drum sticks. My favourite thing to do is playing on the x-box. I like watching movies, like Meat Balls and Rush Hour. My eyes are very black and my hair is black. I like swimming and running. I like playing signing up games.

Who am I?

Hi my name is D.K. I have brown hair and I have blue eyes. I like to play with Pokemon toys and playing my Gameboy. I have light skin and have freckles on my face. I am the Ukraine. I have one brother and I'm Year 5.

Who am I?

My name is J.W. I have a dog and a cat. My dog is called Woody and my cat's name is Buck. I love playing soccer, cricket and touch rugby. I have blue eyes and freckles. I am a Year 6 student. My height is 1m.46cm. I weigh 41kg. I come from NZ. I like drawing stickmen wars and playing playstation. Can you work out which picture I am?

Who am I?

Hi, my name is K.Z and I am 10 years old. I have black hair and brown skin. I am Chinese. My favourite fruit is pineapple and my favourite vegetable is carrots. My favourite sport is swimming. I am very good at it. I have one brother and two rabbits. My favourite colour is light blue. I am a year 6 and I am quite tall. Can you work out which picture I am?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Who am I?

Hi my name is K.B but you can call me K. I am 10 years old. I really like art and cats. I have brown eyes and brown hair. I am tanned. I have heart earings and I am wearing a green t-shirt and a dress. My cat's name is Max. I like the movies as well. Iam from South Africa. I have a DS. I have a brother who's 16 and 3 fish. I also like playing net ball. Can you work out which picture I am?

Who am I?

Hi my name is K.G and I am going to tell you a bit about myself. I have straight blonde hair, blue eyes, lots of freckles and light coloured skin. I am a bit of a shorty and I am in Year 6. Not many people like school but I actually like it. In school I love swimming, art, drawing, reading and playing with my friends. Out of school, in my backyard, I do gymnastics, tumbling, dancing, trampolining, cheerleading and swimming.

Who am I?

Hi my name is A.B. I'm 10 years old. I like playing rugby, soccer, playing on the computer and PSP. I'm small in height. My hair is black and straight. I have an annoying brouther called A.B. I like drawing comics. I like dogs better than cats. My favourite comic is Tin Tin. My eyes are brown. My skin is a brownish colour.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Who am I?

Hi, I'm J.I. I have green and blue eyes. My hair is scruffy and it is gold and brown coloured. My hair is tied back and I have a wavy fringe. I have a white t-shirt on. My skin is a peach colour. I am wearing gold glasses. I like swimming and running. My favourite colour is lime. I have freckles on my face. I am in Year 6. Can you work out which picture I am?

Who am I?

Hi my name is M.S. I have blonde curly hair. I have small ears and I also have freckles on my face. I was born in South Africa and came to New Zealand a couple of years ago. I like cats, swimming and playing with my friends. Can you work out which are my photos?

Monday, February 8, 2010