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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Pet - Smigs

My pet has spiky black ears and has a black and white face.My pet has sharp clows and she has a black body with a fluffy tail.Smigs like to eat chips and she likes to chace us.She likes to eat our clothes.She liks to chase my cat and bark at us.I dont like Smigs chasing us and barking and going away i dont like Smigs eating our clothes and dont get us.I dont like cleaning the poo and wee.I dont like smigs geting dirty I dont like climbing and wack us.

from T.T

Monday, June 21, 2010

Billions of bacteria

The final group's performance. Have a look at their performance and feel free to write a comment. Suggestions for improvement are welcome- please word this politely.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Words that end in CK

Have a look at this fun video on words that end in ck. The Pod Four students were looking at words that end in ck and ke.

Reader's Theatre The Little Old Lady who was not Afraid of Anything

Group Two: The Little Old Lady who was not Afraid of Anything. This is the group's first attempt at Reader's Theatre. They will be reflecting on their performance and adding comments on what they could work on next time.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vampire Girl

her hair is as straight as a door
her eyes are as sparkling like a diamond
her nose is like hard concrete
her feet iare as clean like your clothes
her skirt is as blue as a fish
her face is as pretty as a flower

by M.S

Fat Boy

Abs like jelly beans
toe nails like shark teeth
eyes as big like elephants legs stomping
arms as wobbly as a snake
shorts like wobbly fat frogs
hair as sharp as knives
wings as fast as a lightning bolt
neck as skinny as a pencil

by L.L


His hair is as curly as spaghetti.
His four eyes are like camoras watching you as u walk past.
His vampire teeth aer as pointy as an elephants tusk.
His clothes are as tight as vines rapped around poles.
His claw like hands are as big as a mountain.
His fingers on them other hand aer like twigs from a tree.
The third arm is a tow headed monster.
His legs are as hairy as a thorn bush.
His toes are as big as rocks tumbling down a hill.
His feet are as long as an alephants trunk.

By J.A.I